It's truly an honour and a privilege for me to capture a couple's wedding day. I am lucky to be able to photograph some wonderful days and moments in people's lives. I love it when I can give my clients a visual story of their day which will bring them back to such a beautiful and touching time.


Originally from Wicklow, I live in Goatstown with my wife Libby and our three small boys. Libby is an amazing portrait photographer, mainly covering newborns and babies in our home studio. See her website here.

I love coffee, rugby, traveling, the Wicklow mountains, the sea, my three small men, my beautiful wife, reading, photographering, chocolate – not necessarily in that order.


My job is really just to get out of the way; to try and capture your day where my presence doesn't affect your wedding. Of course there are some set family photos you will want and who doesn't want some beautiful images of themselves as a couple in love, but I try and make this as seamless as possible. I love to capture those little moments and those feelings: nerves, anticipation, joy, love and laughter and everything else that makes your day yours.
If you think I'd be a good fit for you, I'd love to hear from you and we can meet for a chat about your big day.


What’s the standard coverage on the day?

I usually shoot from when you're getting ready until the start of the meal : from an hour and a half before the ceremony until you are announced into the room for dinner.

Can you stay later?

Absolutely, but there is an extra charge.

Do you do half days/reduced coverage?

Yes, what are your timings and thoughts; I’ll send you a quote for you.

Do you have an assistant or second shooter?

Generally not but you can book a second photographer with your package which costs extra. Why? You'll get more photos and a slightly different perspective on your day.

How many photos are on the digital package?

For a regular day’s coverage there will be at least 400 photos on the disc and usually well above that.

Can I print from the disc?

Yes. Yes. Yes. All the photos are high resolution and have no silly watermarks, copyright marks or anything like that. I also supply low resolution watermarked copies of the photos if you are addicted to facebook.

Are the images retouched?

Yes. All images are processed; meaning that they are cropped, colour-balanced, tweaked and retouched where needed. I make some black and white, I add a bit of contrast here and there, but it's still all very natural.

How long have you been photographing full time professionally?

Over 10 years, weddings since 2007.

Do you have any photography qualifications?

None. I do have a degree in Chemical Engineering, but I quickly decided that that wasn’t for me.

Have you done many courses?

I’ve done lots of photography courses from black and white film processing and printing to advanced flash. I still do 3-4 courses a year, mainly online these days. I follow other photographers in lots of different fields. I buy about 5-10 books a year. And I dream up little and big projects just to take the rest of my spare time. I like photography.

What’s your wedding photography style?

Natural, Beautiful & Modern.

I try and capture you as yourselves without too much direction from me and with the minimal amount of fuss and time away from your party.

I use natural light a lot but I can also use flash very subtly to create really nice light.

I try to capture the beauty of your day and all that you've put into it.

How long do photos take?

Most of the photos I take are candid. The formal family photos take about 10-15 minutes. Your photos take about 15-20 minutes.

I’ll go through a photo list with you before the day to list everything you want. We'll discuss specific shots to locations to timings.

Do you travel?

Yep. All of Ireland. There's a travel charge if your wedding is more than an hour and a half's drive away.

I’ve covered weddings in Spain, France, Lithuania, Italy and the UK. Availability for these is limited due to little children and family life but do enquire and I'll try to accommodate you.

Are you insured?

Oh yeah. So is my equipment. (Public Liability and Professional Indemnity)

What’s the story with copyright?

I retain copyright of the photos but you have freedom to print and share the photos as you like. You just can't sell them or pass them off as your own work.

Will my photos appear on your website?

Only if you want them to. I usually do a blogpost with a sneak preview the week after your wedding, but you may not want this due to your shyness or famousness. The full set of photos is available on the site but this is password protected.

You have image rights to the photos and the default for me is that I have to ask your permission to use the photos in any way.

How long does it normally take to receive all the photos?

Summertime it takes about 7-8 weeks. Wintertime it’s more like 3 weeks. Spring/Autumntime is somewhere in between.

How long does it take to receive the album?

Usually the longest delay here is in choosing your favourite photos. Sometimes that can take a while, of course because you love all them all. Once you have chosen your photos, I will send you a draft layout within 2 weeks. Then it’s a case of making changes and redrafting the album until you're happy. This usually takes 2-3 design iterations. Once you've signed off, the album will arrive in 3-4 weeks. And you'll be really happy.

What are the albums like?

Stunning. Beautiful. Gorgeous. I’ve had a lot of different albums over the years and these are the best. They are both extremely high quality in binding and printing. You can see some photos of them in the blog but don't take my word for it, come and see them.

How many photos can I choose for the album?

A rough guide is 60-80, but you can choose more if you want. Each album is made up from scratch so they can have as many pages as you like.

Do you supply parent albums and other products?

Of course, you can even choose from two types. I can also supply normal photographic prints, fine art prints and framed photos.

How do I book?

Fill in the form and send me the €500 booking deposit. I’m all yours.

When if the balance due?

On your day / Before your day.

How will I pay you?

Bank transfer, cheque or cash. Whatever is easiest for you.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, they’re available in multiples of €50. Your guest will get a printed voucher to give to you on the day and I'll let you know before the day what you can knock off your final balance.

Do you do other photography?

Oh yes. We have a studio in our house. My gorgeous wife, Libby, photographs babies, children and newborns but not necessarily in that order ( I shoot interiors from time to time, portraits, architectural stuff and food. I have shot the odd politician (with my camera). I also have little projects of my own going around in my head which sometimes get out.

What’s in your bag?

I’ve always used Canon, I just love their lenses. Libby looks longingly at Nikon sometimes, but I’m not so sure.
Two camera bodies a 5D mark 3 and a 6D. (The mark 3 is a dream.)
Four Lenses: 50mm 1.2L (my favourite), 85mm 1.2L (my other favourite), 50mm 2.5 macro, 16-35mm 2.8L MarkII and an ultra wide 14mm 2.8L.
Two 580ex flashes which are always out but not always on. Two other flashes which mostly never come out and flash triggers.
Various stands and light modifiers which are rarely used but sometimes are really very handy.
Batteries, cards (I like sandisk) and water.

How well do you work with videographers and other suppliers?

Really well, I hope. I’m always trying to do the absolute best job I can for you. Part of my job is to facilitate and help any of the other people working for you on the day – which is part of their job too. There are tons of really talented people in every field in Ireland, I’m happy to provide recommendations if you need.