A stunning August day gave Kristyn & Corey a wonderful outdoor Celtic ceremony in Airfield Estate. They celebrated with his and hers cocktails for their guests on the lawn in the sunshine. A romantic walk through the city centre took in Stephen’s green and a busy Grafton street on their way to O’Neill’s pub for some great toasts and pints of guinness.
Many congratulations Kristyn & Corey, here’s a little peek at some photos from your brilliant day.

Airfield Estate

Airfield Estate Wedding

Airfield Estate Wedding Photos

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Airfield Estate Wedding Ceremony

Airfield Estate Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

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Celtic Wedding Ceremony

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Airfield Estate Wedding Photographer

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Stephens Green Wedding Photography

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Wedding Guinness

O'Neills Pub Wedding


Wedding Venue – Airfield Estate

Kristyn’s Wedding Dress – Made by her very talented mum

Wedding Ceremomy – Dara Molloy, Celtic Priest

Wedding Planner – Blaithin O’Reilly Murphy, The Wedding Expert

Wedding Florist – Flowers by Josephine

Wedding Cake – Fallon & Byrne

Wedding Photographer – Will O’Reilly, Airfield Estate Wedding Photographer