Creativity abounded at Louise & Mitch’s wonderful wedding last week in beautiful Beaufield Mews. Louise arranged all the flowers staying in a wonderful Georgian house the night before which was an amazing backdrop for getting ready in the morning. Mitch carved a wooden heart shaped box for their rings and also a bouquet of tulips from copper. Their touching ceremony included a hand-fasting ceremony with a ribbon embroidered by Louise.
Many more creative touches adorned their celebrations with a great party and outdoor barbecue for such a wonderful couple.


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Dublin Wedding Photographers

Dublin Wedding Photography

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Ireland Wedding Photography

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Beaufield Mews Wedding Photographers

Beaufield Mews Wedding Photography

Beaufield Mews Wedding Photos

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Irish Wedding Photographers

Irish Wedding Photography

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Wedding Ireland

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Wedding Venue – Beaufield Mews

Wedding Dress – Phase Eight

Makeup Artist – One Dame Lane

Hair Stylist – Hair By Leo

Wedding Music – Keith O’Connell Pianist

Wedding Florist – Louise made her own flowers!

Mitch’s Suit – Paul Smith

Wedding Photographer – Will O’Reilly, Beaufield Mews Wedding Photographer

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