Paul from Ballina & Lauren from Kansas flew in from Santa Cruz for their amazing wedding day in Castle Durrow on Saturday. It was a truly wonderful day with a spiritualist wedding ceremony involving their family and friends and a big party in the sunshine on the lawn.
Congratulations Lauren & Paul, here are a few photos from your beautiful day –


Wedding Ireland

Wedding Durrow

Wedding Laois

Wedding Groom

Wedding Bride

Wedding Flowergirl

Wedding Dress

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Bride

Wedding Portrait

Wedding Lace

Castle Durrow Stairs

Castle Durrow Stairs Bride

Wedding Page Boy

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photos

Spiritualist Ceremony Ireland

Hand fasting ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Photos

Wedding Kiss

Wedding Photographer Dublin

Wedding Photographers Dublin

Wedding Photography Dublin

The perfectionist confectionist

Castle Durrow

Castle Durrow Wedding

Irish Wedding Photographer

Irish Wedding Photographers

Irish Wedding Photography

Irish Wedding Photos

Irish Wedding Photographer Durrow

Castle Durrow Wedding Photographer

Laois Wedding Photographer

Laois Wedding Photographers

Laois Wedding Photography

Castle Durrow Wedding Photographers

Castle Durrow Wedding Photography

Castle Durrow Wedding Photos

Ireland Wedding Photographer

Ireland Wedding Photographers

Ireland Wedding Photography

Ireland Wedding Photos


Wedding Venue – Castle Durrow

Wedding Cake – The Perfectionist Confectionist

Paul’s Suit – Perry Ellis

Wedding Photographer – Will O’Reilly, Castle Durrow Wedding Photographer