The most fun and unbelievably happy wedding day for Emma & Neil. They got ready with their close friends and family in their homes in Blackrock with presents and high spirits. Emma and her ladies travelled in style in a vintage VW van to the Millhouse in Slane. It was the perfect venue for them and their Humanist ceremony was really touching, with beautiful singing by Neil’s sisters. Sunshine, speeches, a guest snap map, a popcorn cart and lots more made it an amazing day.


Wedding Dress

Wedding Present

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Wedding Invitation

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Bride Photos

Wedding Ireland

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VW Van Wedding

Vintage VW Van Ireland

Wedding VW Van Vintage

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Groom Photos

Millhouse Slane

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Millhouse Slane Wedding Photos

Millhouse Slane Wedding

Millhouse Slane Humanist Wedding

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Millhouse Slane Ceremony

Millhouse Slane Ireland

Millhouse Slane Wedding Photographer

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Millhouse Slane Wedding Photographers

Millhouse Slane Wedding Photography

Millhouse Slane Wedding Photos

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Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography

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Wedding Photographer The Millhouse Slane

Wedding Photographers MillHouse Slane

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Wedding Photographers Dublin

Wedding Photographer Meath

Wedding Photographers Meath

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Wedding Photography Meath

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Wedding Photos Meath

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Wedding Venue – The Millhouse, Slane

Wedding Dress – Ophelia Bridal

Makeup Artist – Sarah McCann

Hair Stylist – 1501, Dundalk

Wedding Flowers – The Village Garden, Blackrock

Wedding Cake – Aideen Ahern

Neil’s Wedding Suit – Ted Baker

Wedding Videographer – James from The European Tour

Wedding Photographer – Will O’Reilly Wedding Photographers Website