The beautiful church at Kill of the Grange holds lots of warm memories for Laura, which made it the perfect venue for her and Anthony’s wonderful ceremony last week. Guests were treated to cups of tea and buns afterwards before the drive to the rolling hills at Slane and the gorgeous Millhouse at the river. A big party was complete with 2 cakes, one made of chesse, hilarious speeches and a lot of fun and dancing.


Wedding Ring

Wedding Flowers

The Courtyard Prive

Wedding Bride

Wedding Dress

Wedding Portrait

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Groom

Wedding Rings

Wedding Church

Kill of the Grange Church

Kill of the Grange Church Wedding

Kill of the Grange Church Wedding Photos

Kill of the Grange Church Wedding Photographer

Kill of the Grange Church Wedding Photographers

Kill of the Grange Church Wedding Photography

Irish Wedding Photographer

Irish Wedding Photographers

Irish Wedding Photography

Irish Wedding Photos

Meath Wedding Photographer

Meath Wedding Photographers

Meath Wedding Photography

Meath Wedding Photos

The Millhouse Wedding Photographer

The Millhouse Wedding Photographers

The Millhouse Wedding Photography

The Millhouse Wedding Photos

Weddings Meath


Wedding Venue – The Millhouse, Slane

Wedding Dress – The Courtyard Prive

Makeup Artist – Tara Anderson

Hair Stylist – Sian Sharkey

Wedding Florist – Bella Botanica

Wedding Cake – Amazing Cakes

Wedding Photographer – Will O’Reilly, The Millhouse Slane Wedding Photographer

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